Monday, 12 October 2009


Well were has the time gone? As with all good intentions, I meant to add to my blog regularly, but the time just ran way from me. It is all the Networking I am doing! My photo tip this time is to avoid having the light coming from directly above you when you are having your photo taken. If there is not enough light coming from above, it can result in you looking as if you have big bags under your eyes, not very flattering. As an actress, some time ago, I was working on one accession with a very experienced actress, a real “old pro”. We were on stage in full makeup and costume, about to have some publicity shots done, when she called a halt to the proceedings, and refused to have her photograph taken until we were all lit properly from the front!! She was a striking woman and knew what she was talking about! Her acting was pretty good too!

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  1. Love the helpful hints. Do you tweet? If so, you could do a tip per day or a tip per week.